Unseasonably Warm

It was unseasonably warm today – Rob and Sarah and I did an eight-mile caching walk, and we didn’t need pullovers or coats at all, all day. Our walk around the Meon Valley took us first to What’s in a Name, which unfortunately we couldn’t find. Even after Phoning a Friend (the Honourable Nobby, who found it recently), all we could find was a cache-sized hole in some greenery, so we think it might be missing :-(

A couple of miles walking brought us to The South Downs Way Jolly Up Number 4, a nice cache, well hidden alongside a stream. And then it was on to Conkers Bonkers, where we thought we were being really subtle until some passing people called out “Hello cachers!”. Ah well…

Up the hill – oh, the steep hill, puff puff – brought us to The South Downs Way Jolly Up Number 3 another clever hide with excellent views. And finally to one I’d already done, but Rob and Sarah hadn’t: Beacon Book Box.

And then we went to the pub, where we had a really good meal and planned our Dartmoor weekend. There’ll be some photos of today (including a rather nice one of Rob throwing Sarah in some mud) in tomorrow’s post – for now I’m off to bed. G’night all.

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