Free Lunch – Well, Snack Anyway

As I came out of Waterloo station the other day, I was met by a pair of young laydeez handing out small paper bags, with the immortal line “free muffins!” Now you don’t get an offer like that every day, so I took advantage of their generosity.

The bags didn’t only contain a free muffin, oh no. There was also a free notepad, with each page carrying the slogan “The Office – an American Workplace. Series 2 out on DVD now!”. I can’t help wondering just how well that’s going to sell: Take a programme which was rubbish in the first place, then Americanise it, and then try to sell it back to the original audience.

Mind, I have to admit that I only ever saw one episode of the original, which I watched to see what it was like based solely on the premise that Lucy Davies was in it, so it couldn’t be all bad. Apart from that experience, my assumption of its rubbishness is based purely of the presence of Ricky Gervais.

The muffin was nice though.

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