Time’s Wingéd Chariot

There is, apparently, an old Chinese saying1 which goes ”a man with a watch always knows the time: a man with two watches is never sure”.

On my desk at work I’ve got two time pieces: The clock on my network terminal and the clock on the phone – as the phone is connected to the IT net you’d expect these two to show the same time. You’d expect…

At one point this afternoon, I noticed that my mobile phone said 15:32, and my wristwatch – which is set to “railway time” – 15:33. The computer showed 15:31 and the telephone 15:37. Luckily we don’t have any normal wall clocks or no doubt they’d all show different times as well.

Is it any wonder I wander around looking baffled most of the time?

1 Or should that be “salad saying”?

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