Aparently I was the only person at the MongMeet who took any photos…mwah hah hah! So, we assembled at the Eaton Farm…and true to form, even though Jenny only lives half a mile away, and had the shortest journey by at least fifty miles, she still wasn’t the first to arrive. OK, Lois and I were also late, but we were relying on Jenny for a lift…


Clockwise round the table: Louise, Sarah, Ian, Jenny, Ned, Nigel.

From left: Max, Neil, Tammy, Jan

From left: Simon, Alistair, Alison, Sam

Alison and THOSE socks. I really hope some of her pupils get to see this.

When it was all over, Jan took a few for the journey

Then a few of us went back to Jenny’s house to play with kittens. Nice. So thanks to Jenny for organising the whole thing, and to her and Chris for providing accomodation for Nigel and me. Oh, and the Italian Beef Casserole on Friday, and the lifts to the station, and the entertainment.

When’s the next MongMeet?

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