I’m in Nottingham again!

Yes, for one week(end) only, the gun crime capital of England becomes the SimonG Meet capital of England – possibly an even less desirable title. For tomorrow, fans of the Mighty Mongers will descend upon the Eaton Farm for a day of Mong-related Merriment. There may also be eating and drinking.

This means that tomorrow evening (at a minute to midnight) you get a cheesy cheating pre-written blog. I don’t want to build your hopes up too much, but there will be at least some photos of me that a lot of you won’t have seen before…

But the main reason I mention all this, is to tell all my Scrabulous-playing partners that I haven’t got the laptop with me: The PDA is OK for basic blogging and e-mailing, but you’ll have to wait until I get home to continue inflicting virtual-board-game-induced misery on me. I bet you can’t wait.

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