Chitter Chatter

Regular readers will know that I like to have a doze on the train in the mornings…and sometimes in the evening as well. My morning snooze is normally aided by the fact that everyone else in our carriage does the same thing (apart from a couple of silent book-readers), so there’s little noise to bother us.

Until this morning’s arrival of…THE TOURISTS!!! He and she flopped themselves into the pair of seats directly behind me, and started a stream of chatter that lasted all the way to Waterloo. If I chose, I could relate every detail of her Pilates class last night.

It was worth it though, for the moment or two of sheer comedy as we neared Waterloo. Looking out of the window, she told her companion “Ooh look, there’s Tower Bridge. No, it can’t be Tower Bridge, we’re a long way from there. It’s some sort of castle…I wonder which one?”.

Just on the off-chance she’s reading this…it was Battersea Power Station, dear.

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