Well, as predicted yesterday, I now have a new phone. It’s the one I originally ordered, the one Vodafone told me they didn’t sell any more. It’s been suggested that I should ring Vodafone and tell them what’s happened – I suppose that would be the honest thing to do, but frankly I’ve had enough experience of their customer services phoneline for this lifetime, and if I was to ring and tell them that they’ve sent me two phones when I only wanted one, they’d probably apologise and send me another two; if I then rang up about those I’d quickly end up with phones arriving quicker than I can sell them on eBay.  So I’ve decided to keep the bonus one safe for a couple of weeks* and see what happens.
I also received in today’s post some travel bug tags I ordered (it’s a geocaching thing), and my ticket for the second week of New Wine, the Christian camping fortnight I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. All I need now are the week one tickets and I’ll be happy. Oh yes, and I had a session in the gym tonight, so now it’s time for a lay-down before the Dressing Up Game. Goodnight all.
*The games on it are pretty monkey anyway

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