I’m a bit of an eBay addict. I just love surfing through the pages of eBay, looking for bargains, bidding and winning. I don’t even mind NOT winning (normally), it’s the taking part that’s fun. And of course there’s always the dream of bidding a quid for something worth hundreds, and no one else bothers to bid at all…

Anyway, I’ve been eBaying for about a year, as a result of which I have more GPSs than anyone could possibly have a use for. A friend of mine collects football programmes, so it’s been a fine source of birthday and Christmas pressies: I got my PDA cheap through eBay, and have since bought loads of bits and bobs to go with it. And I made a tidy profit in my one foray into selling.

Now, I fear, the inevitable may have happened…I think I’ve been double stitched. A couple of weekends ago I sat up far too late on both Saturday and Sunday nights, bidding for things and watching the auctions close. I paid for one of the items (a GPS, believe it or not) straight away: The other seller didn’t take Paypal so I sent him a cheque. The cheque was cashed (that is to say, the money left my account) a week ago today.

How long does it take to post a parcel? The guy who sold the GPS has now had my money for a week…I wouldn’t mind, but he only lives about three miles away, if I’d known he was going to take this long I’d have suggested I call in to his house and collect it. The other fellah lives too far away to get a personal call (although I suspect he’ll be getting one if I don’t get my goods soon), I’d have thought at least an email would have been in order.

Maybe I’m being unfair: It IS only two weeks, and even professional sellers say “allow 28 days for delivery”, so I’ll just have to be patient alittle longer. In the meantime, the surfing continues…looking for lights, winches, and other meaty bits of 4×4 kit for the car…

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