I see the idiot Clarkson is up to his usual stupid standard.

In his column in last Friday’s Times (sorry, can’t be arsed to provide a link), he describes the Health & Safety profession as “Hi-viz Nazis” and goes on to imply that Health and Safety is the reason that everything takes so long in the UK.

I wonder if the families of the 250 people killed in workplace accidents every year agree with him?

I’ll be the first to say that some stupid rules have been made by people who think they know about Health & Safety – the latest story about a volunteer coastguard being hounded out of his job for daring to rescue a child stuck on cliffs is a good example – but that doesn’t make the Health and Safety profession a bad thing, any more than Harold Shipman meant that all doctors are murderers.

If the government are serious about removing petty, unnecessarily restrictive Health and Safety rules – and at the same time improving workplace safety – the answer doesn’t lie on Planet Clarkson. The answer lies in regulation of the profession, to root out the cowboy practitioners who have to ban everything because they don’t know any better. In sweeping away the dross, employers will be able to focus on the real risks and perhaps some of those 250 won’t die next year.

And incidentally – anyone see the Best of Top Gear last night, where they sailed home-made amphibious cars across the channel? Funny how they showed none of the safety measures that Clarkson himself insisted on, before he’d leave the safety of the land.

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