Nice Work

Back in the dim and distant, I was a Quality Manager, working for a company that didn’t really care about quality. It was, to say the least, a bit soul destroying.

One lunchtime I was in the canteen watching the TV news: there’d been a train crash somewhere, hundreds of people injured, and the particular report I was watching was talking about doctors, nurses and paramedics reporting for duty even though it was their day off. It can start you thinking, something like that – “How much use am I? What contribution do I make to the world? Would it ever help anyone if I volunteered to work on my day off?”

Now, of course, I have a job which at least in principle, gives me a chance to affect people’s lives, and if I don’t make them better, I can stop them becoming worse. And I work for an organisation that only exists to make the world a better place, in its own small way.

And today, I’ve been there for a whole year!

Tiring? Yep.
Too slow to act, sometimes? Yep.
Bureaucratic sometimes? Yep.

Job satisfaction? HELL, YES!

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