Well, since Sally-J has done a review of the year, I thought I might jump on the bandwagon!

In January of this year, I completed my diploma – which while being good, meant that I felt obliged to stay loyal to my employers who had paid for it, even though I was thoroughly fed up with working for them.

Then – after twenty years loyal service – they made me redundant! This wouldn’t be good news for everyone, of course, but if you think of it as “Here’s the equivalent of a year’s take-home pay, now go away!”, it suddenly doesn’t look so bad. So that was two good things.

And the day they made me redundant, I spotted a job advertised which made me think “Hmm, I’d be good at that, I’d really like to have a crack at that!”. so confident was I, that I didn’t make that much effort to apply for anything else. Well, I applied for the job with Moving Things About Limited - whom I can now reveal were Southampton Container Terminal Ltd – but they didn’t like me and I didn’t like them, so it worked out about right.

And of course, I got the good job. My new boss Steve said he thought I’d be “A good organisational fit” – which made me wonder a bit about the organisation, but it seems OK.

So – a shedload of ca$h in the building society, a new diploma, and a much more exciting new job. Add to that a fabby cachepedition with Sally-J and Rob, a week in Devon with the Tates, and lots of other exciting things as well.

Any bad stuff this year? well, no, not really.

Happy 2008 to all our readers!

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