Round Up

Two days back at work…the good news being that Big Boss Steve threw us all out early both days. I can’t see that happening again – mind you, I’ve now got the longest of long weekends, as Sybil B is staying at Gottle Towers tonight, and then tomorrow she’s chauffeuse-ing me back oops north to spend the New Year with her and Chris and the kitties :-)

Considering The Nation’s Capital was empty of workers, the trains have been chuffin’ packed. Families going to spend all their Chrimmy money in the sales – and worse, on the way back in the evenings, blocking up the whole train with packages and luggage. Why can’t they shop online like normal people?

And today, I found time for a couple of caches! This morning I took a slight detour on my way into the office, and grabbed
Wobbly Bridge

And then after work, I took a slight detour on my way back to Waterloo for
Location Location Location

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