Would You Adam and Eve It?

Having squeezed a day’s worth of stuff into the morning – nativity play at church, picking up parcels from the Royal Snail Parcel Office, wrapping presents and having lunch – I decided I could treat myself to an afternoon’s caching :-)

First was Bolshoi Booze, a puzzle cache that’s been waiting rather a long time, followed by
Upham Gently, a cache placed by our chums Esscafe – and well up to their usual standard!

The choice now was between more caches, or driving into Wickham for a bacon sarnie. It’s a bit complicated – but there were a couple of caches that I had more than one reason to visit, so after re-locating Grunty I trekked down the Itchen to
Carriage Works (Itchen Navigation series), before returning for
Barton River (Itchen Navigation series)

This last one brought a bit of a surprise, as on the way I spotted a couple of strangers in the distance – as in, “Stranger than the average cacher” as it turned out to be Rockin’ Rob and the lady Sally-J! So we found a cache, and I got some more pictures of Rob trying to throw Sally in the river (which will appear on Facebook soon). And then we all went home!

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