The Worst Little Warehouse in Hampshire

I could never be a woman.

Apart from the obvious physical issues – how the hell can anyone enjoy shopping? Today’s challenge was buying a Christmas present for someone – something with a loose connection to mobile phones. The request was pretty specific, and among a number of other shops, I hit Carphone Whorehouse:

Me: “Hello, I want a ********, please”
Shop person: “Certainly sir, here you are”

Me: *Stares dumbfounded for a moment*

Me: “Umm…is that the colour I said I wanted?”
Shop person: “No sir”

Me: “And is it the make I said I wanted?”
Shop person: “No sir”

Me: “You’re the most irritating person I’ve ever met and I’m going to have to stab you now”
Shop person: “Fair enough sir, you’re not the first one today”

Since the person that present is for, is almost certainly reading this, you’ll have to wait till after Christmas to see how the story finishes. I WILL tell you that also on my stab list today is the man in another shop who rammed me in the ankle with a pushchair, then snapped at me to look where I was going.

Still…should be a nice day out tomorrow!

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