A good chummington of mine has a birthday soon.

Because I try to be organised (even if I often fail) I went looking for birthday cards this morning. We have this card shop not far from me, which in spite of being full of cards, never seems to have an ideal one. The ones with perfect words have pictures of footballers on them (she doesn’t like football, she’s a Brighton supporter), and the ones with perfect pictures tend to have words like “…and I’d like to cover you in great sloppy kisses???, which she probably wouldn’t like. Anyway, I eventually found a card I was happy with, although I’m pretty sure it’s a duplicate of the one I sent her last year.

I remember being astonished a few years ago when I noticed card shops selling cards saying “Happy birthday from the cat???, and later “Happy birthday to the cat???, but this morning I spotted cards saying “Happy birthday from me and the houseplants???, so I guess the market is developing. It’s only a matter of time before Hallmark start making “Happy sprouting day to my favourite geranium??? cards.

Anyway, I got Jenny’s card four whole weeks before her birthday, and I’ve had one of her prezzies for ages. All I’ve got to do now is remember to post them in time…

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