Lowering the Tone

Is Scooby Doo still on the telly? Even if not, I’m sure most of my readers will remember it. Y’know when Scrappy Doo comes charging in and going

“Ta ta ta ta, ta taaaah….PUPPEEEE POWER!!!”

That’s my text ringtone, that is. Fun when it goes off at home, or in the pub, but a bit embarrassing on the train (thanks Jenny!). Luckily we have a “mobile phones on silent” rule in the office so I haven’t made an arse of myself there yet.

I love these MP3 ringtones – you can have almost anything you like, and it’s even better when you can allocate tones depending on who’s calling. Someone I knew a few years back had his phone set so that when his girlfriend called, he got “KEVIN! KEVIN, IT’S SANDRA! KEVIN, ANSWER THE BLOODY PHONE NOW!”. And when his Mum rang, he got her voice, saying “Kevin? Kevin, it’s Mummy calling. Kevin, answer the phone darling. Kevin? Yoo hoo Kevin!”. Given that Kevin was a six-foot Royal Marine, his mates had a few laughs with that as well!

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