Another Grand Day Out

The day of the theatre trip – to London with Rockin’ Rob and Sally-J to see “Monty Python’s Spamalot” at the Palace Theatre. But since we arrived in The Nation’s Capital with six hours to spare before we needed to be at the theatre…a little light caching! In between picking up some of the clues for Bloomin’ Heck!, we visited – and actually logged – :
Gray’s Inn: One Arm, Two Mouths
Thomas Coram
Ghandi Peace Cache
After these three, we decided the rain was too heavy for enjoyable caching, especially as we didn’t want to have to sit in the theatre in wet clothes, so we went and sat in the Marlborough Arms (and met a friend of Sarah’s) instead! As you can see, Sarah found it a bit of a ticklish experience.

Then we went to the theatre and saw a really fabby show which we would recommend to anyone who isn’t easily offended by killer rabbits, people having their arms and legs chopped off, and/or jokes about french people. If anyone goes on the strength of our recommendation, and they happen to sit in seat D16, could they see if my brolly is still under there :-( ?

After the theatre, we had some time to spare before eating, so we went and walked along Oxford Street – which was a seriously stupid thing to do if you don’t like crowds, but it DID enable us to log:
West End Webcam
and on the way to the restaurant, we passed
Catastrophe, Calamity, Cataclysm Part 4, which I’d logged ages ago, but Rob and Sarah hadn’t!

And then we went and ate at Mungo’s Mongolian Barbecue (which my chum Gary first took me to years and years ago – thanks Gazza!), and then we caught the train home. And as you can see, Sarah was very tired.

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