Is It Me?

I mean, I don’t think I’m speaking Norwegian or anything. In my professional role I recently sent round a fire safety guidance note which included the statement:

Fire Fighting
As a general rule, DON’T! Sound the alarm and leave.

This wasn’t clear enough for some of our highly-intelligent readers, and I had to re-issue it as:

Fire Fighting
As a general rule, DON’T fight fire! You should sound the alarm and leave.

Y’see, they’d read the original as if the exclamation mark and the capital “S” weren’t there.

Ah well, Friday again, and South West Trains have decided to start selling Bass again – and the service has improved too, if this evening’s tannoy announcement by the guard is anything to go by:
“Hello Mr Cartwright, would you like a beer other than Tanglefoot? Only we’ve run out of Tanglefoot”
I hope it’s that good tomorrow, although with the excellent company I’ll be in on the train tomorrow I might not even want a beer!

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