Wild Weekend

I met this little chap at about half past one Sunday morning, in a village hall in the middle of nowhere. As you can see, we have something in common – we both like playing with radio aerials. We’re also both friendly and cuddly, but that’s another story…

So yes, it’s that time of year for Raynetting on Tour de Trigs – for new readers, or those who don’t remember last year, this is a fifty-mile overnight walk in horribly muddy conditions. It’s sort of competitive, in that there are prizes for the fastest teams, but the real challenge is just completing it. To give you an idea what it’s like, everyone walks in teams, and if someone from your team drops out, you have to team up with someone else so that no-one is ever left on their own (or you can choose to drop out yourself, of course). And even then, anyone who makes it past 60% of the total distance gets a congratulations certificate. This is a TOUGH event!

Rockin’ Rob and Sally-J – team size is three – whaddya think for next year?

Anyway, I normally work on one of the rescue teams for this event, but there’d been a staff shuffle this year and I was on the Roving Marshal’s team instead. It was still 24 hours non-stop activity, but at least this year on Saturday night, instead of finding a chippy that was still open (which is what the rescue teams do), we went back to the house of one of the team members where his wife had made us a curry. And then we sat and watched a repeat of CSI until we were called out again :-)

And then I caught the train home, had a chinese (after a weekend like that I can’t be bothered to pretend it was salad!), and went to bed at half past six. And didn’t wake up until half past eight this morning. Lucky I’d had the sense to pre-book today off work!

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