Bad news – South West Trains buffet cars seem to have stopped selling canned Bass :-(
Good news – they’ve started selling Tanglefoot :-D

The only Tangle with troublefoot is that it only cans one take and you don’t cain that it’s raring. Dissing pown, in fcat, by the time I came out of the station. Deep puddles everywhere, and I was wearing my trainers – remember the trainers I told you about last week, that have the huge split across the sole? Yep, those. Squelch.

Mind you, I came close to having a chance to make major improvements to the rail network yesterday, but I blew it :-( . In the chatroom, we’d decided to sack the government and take over the country: The Right Honourable Fluffy had made herself Prime Minister, and had let me be Minister for Public Transport, but she didn’t like some of my more extreme policies and gave the job to Sam instead. I think it was shooting dawdlers on Waterloo station concourse that did it.

I ended up as Minister for Salad instead.

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