Your Serve

Last night was a bit of an adventure. I broke the internet.

To be fair, I don’t think I broke all of it, and I don’t really think it was me: I came in from work, with a long list of online-Christmas-shopping related things to do, to be faced with the internet equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death:
“Firefox cannot find the named server: Please check your spelling”.
Hmm. It wasn’t my spelling, and it happened with every website I tried to view except one. I’d seen exactly that problem before on Sarah’s computer, and the problem then had been the DNS settings. Check DNS settings…hmm, looks OK…try to access the internet through the other three computers…hmm, it doesn’t work on any of them either. Cycle the power on the hub/modem, and go for a shower while it sorts itself out.

Oh, it still doesn’t work – except for that one website. And no, I’m not seeing a cached version because it’s updating. Grr.

In the end I think it must have been a problem with my ISP, because the internet slowly returned, one web site at a time. Sadly Facebook was one of the last to re-appear, which is why Kathy has had to wait till this evening for me to play my Scrabulous turn.

And before you say it, no Rob, I didn’t call you. You’ve got more than enough on at the moment – and besides, Sally-J would’ve killed me :-) .

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