Spotted in today’s TV listings:
“How to Look Good Naked: The team help a bride look her best as she walks down the aisle”. Blimey – weddings have changed a bit since the last one I went to.

Of course the main news story of the day is the just-announced above-inflation increase in train fares across the south of England. To be fair, as I’ve said before, the trains these days are a lot better than their reputation: They’re generally clean, usually pretty punctual (although the last couple of weeks have been a bit dodgy) and I’ve only once not been able to sit down for the whole journey, so I think that’s pretty good.

The internet edition of the Scummers’ Gazette broke the story this morning, generating the predictable range of comments: Generally the people who comment on Echo news stories are an excellent advertisement for euthanasia at birth, and most discussions quickly turn into arguments between “Denzil from Romsey” and a selection of people pretending to be him – it’s usually easy to tell which is which as the real Denzil from Romsey can at least spell both “Denzil” and “Romsey”. Today’s little fracas was based on the theme that if people don’t like paying train fares, they should go by bike. Remember this was a news story about trains from Southampton to Waterloo – that’s 79 miles on the train…

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