Serves Me Right

I suppose it serves me right…

You’ll all know that I stayed late in London on Tuesday evening, to go to the BBC studios in Great Portland Street. Some of you will know that I’ve got a day out in London in a couple of weeks (two weeks tomorrow, but who’s counting ;-) ), caching and theatre-going with Rob and Sally-J.

There’s a webcam cache in Oxford Street, which we’re probably going to do while we’re there – but my route to the studio on Tuesday took me right past the webcam location. I decided that I wouldn’t log the cache – but I’d get a webcam picture so that I could log it in the future, if for some reason we don’t get it on the day.

Look what I got…

I wasn’t the only one having technology problems this week. Just before the train got to Winchester this morning, I looked up at the clock in the carriage, saw that it said “07:10″, and thought “Ooh, we’re running a bit early”. When we got to Waterloo, it still said 07:10.

Perhaps it’s their way of making the trains appear to run on time.

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