Kingly Fashion

Yesterday’s main activity was joining in with Raynet, providing safety support to the Kingley Vale Moonlight Walk, a sponsored walk in aid of the Breast Cancer Unit at St Richard’s Hospital. As the title suggests, it was all after dark and we had a fine view of several firework displays on the low ground. So, we walked up the hill, had our mug of soup, and walked back down again, before heading for the pub!

Of course, there was no way I was going to go that far from home without a cache or two, so I headed down there a bit early to get some bonus walking in before it was dark. First was
LQ: West Sussex, where I arrived to find someone already sitting on what I thought was probably the hiding place. He did his best to look innocent, but we quickly agreed that we were both there for the same reason, and that made it an easy find.

I’d hoped from there to be able to walk along the ridge top to Collie’s Climb – unfortunately what the map hadn’t shown was a field full of cattle, and a big sign saying “PRIVATE – KEEP OUT – BEWARE OF THE BULL”. In true Fetchez les vaches style I decided the best tactic was to Run Away, so I took the long way round on a public footpath.

Last – and conveniently on the route back to the car – was Sending out an SOS, an easy find and a fun little cache to do :-)

Today – apart from church this morning – was spent doing maintenance visits on two of my own caches: Blog Standard: The Blogger’s Bog was reported missing, and sure enough it IS missing :-( . I’ll replace it soon. Meanwhile, A Walk in the Park has been missing for a while, so I replaced it today. So one out, one in!

And then when I got home I met this little chap. Sorry the picure’s a bit rubbish, I only had my camera phone with me, but I thought it was worth it!

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