I mentioned last night that I have theatre tickets – but don’t worry, it’s a while before we go (38 days, but who’s counting? :-) ), so my cough will be well gone by then.

I’m going with Rockin’ Rob and Sally-J to see Spamalot in London: When some genius first had the idea, I said I’d sort out the tickets – after six months working in London I’m the total Metropolitan Boy, and there’s nothing you can tell me about getting discounted tickets from all the clever places. Only tourists pay full price, after all.

Well that’s not totally true, it seems – the places selling discounted tickets only have them for performances at times like two o’clock on a Wednesday morning: If they’ve got tickets for times when normal people go to the theatre, they’re for shows that no sane person would want to see: the Ricky Horror Show (in which the thick bloke that used to be in EastEnders wears a dress) for example, or The MouseTrip (a version of Summer Holiday with all the roles played by rodents). Most of the online discount agencies have names like “”, so I was a bit restricted there, too.

In the end I went to TicketMaster, whom I’ve used before for concert tickets and who’ve never sold my credit card details to the Albanian Mafia. Since the only tickets they had were for the fourth row back from the stage it was a bit expen$ive, but since we all get to travel free on the train (thanks to the free tickets that my annual Gold Card entitle me to), it still makes a reasonable day out :-)

Just the venue for eating to sort now…

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