News Of All Kinds

So – we had the Raynet group AGM last night. I’m no longer group controller! Most of you know that I’d planned to not stand again, and a perfectly able candidate put themselves forward, so “Yay and woo!”. I haven’t left Raynet – in fact I’ll be carrying on as group webmaster – but I’m clear of all the bits of that job that I didn’t like. Like the wombatting politics.

In feeling-a-bit-crap related news, I’m still coughing for England. I had to deliver a training session this morning, and I can honestly say they didn’t get of my best: It all conspired a bit, the technology didn’t work properly and I was feeling rubbish just as I was presenting to my biggest group since I started this job – also the group most likely to be critical of what I had to say. Ah well, these things happen.

And in feeling-good related news – I have theatre tickets! That’s really only good news for Rockin’ Rob and Sally-J…and me, of course :-)

Think it’ll be an early night tonight.

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