South For the Winter

I was talking about blogs with my mate Paul S last weekend – apparently he likes my blog best when I go off on a rant.

Regular rant-loving readers will know that I tend to go off on one about this time every year: The basis is that the Great North Run gets a full weekend of prime time TV: The Great South Run – where I spent today working – gets two minutes at insomniac’s hour on some obscure TV channel that less than one percent of the world gets to watch.

A crowd of us took the opportunity to rant at the organiser today – who’s also the organiser of the Great North Run, and the other races in the Great Run series. He had the grace to look a bit shifty, but didn’t come up with much of an answer, so we thought one up for ourselves. The reason is that the Great North Run is the only TV-worthy thing that happens “Up North” – for evidence I offer the fact that when the telly made a series about Geordie bricklayers, they had to set it in Germany. So while they get a whole year’s worth of telly in one event, our ration has to be shared out among the myriad of events that happen down here.

So there. Hope John and Marie are still speaking to me after they read this :-)

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