The Road to Hell…

…is paved with good intentions, so they say. Well, it’s alleged that Samuel Johnson said it, but according to this site – and they should know, he never did. Anyway, my good intention, declared yesterday, has fallen at an early hurdle: you’ll remember I said I was going to use the stairs when I got to work rather than the lift.

I’ve been defeated by insane security precautions – not ours, someone else’s. We have floors six and seven in a shared building, with six shared lifts and two shared stairwells: from our floors we can access the stairwells to go between our floors, or to go from our floors to the ground. We can’t get from the stairwell into any floor other than our own, and no-one can get into our floors without the appropriate swipe card. The trouble is – as I discovered this morning – that although I can go down the stairs and out into Reception, I can’t get from Reception back into the bottom of the stairwell.

If it was a useful security precaution I wouldn’t mind so much – but since, if I wanted to, I could get to the other side of the security door by going up in the lift and coming down the stairs, it seems a bit pointless. Meanwhile, my chances to use the stairs for healthy exercise seem to be limited to going up in the lift to our floor, walking down the stairs and going back up again. Which somehow doesn’t seem quite the same.

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