Home Again

Well – that appears to be another fabby Conference weekend over – roll on Leeds in March (only a week before the Cornwall Cachepedition too!). Well done as always to John, Marie + the team for arranging it, sometimes in spite of assistance received (ooh, little bit of politics there). My only real criticism of the hotel – and I know this wasn’t our team’s fault – was that the three-pounds-a-day parking charge was automatically added to the bill, even for people who hadn’t brought a car. I was OK – I’d been pre-warned by Jan and Andy, so I came prepared to argue – but I know of at least one person who was entitled to a free ticket who paid, and I bet there were some people who didn’t even notice. It’s easy to say they should have checked their bill, but you don’t really expect corporate sharp practice like that from a supposedly reputable hotel chain.

Of course, there’s an argument that it’s sharp practice anyway to charge parking at an hotel where people are already paying to stay, but that’s another story.

Not sure how much bloggage you’re going to get for the rest of this week: Two meetings – one of which is in the North of England – are going to keep me pretty busy, but I’ll do my best!

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