Spit and Polish

Well, you’ll be pleased to know the conference weekend is going well so far – I haven’t managed to get lost in the minibus yet, although it was a close-run thing on Friday, when the 12-hour battery in the satnav went flat unexpectedly after 9 hours. Luckily I was very close to the location where I was supposed to pick up a local who knew the way back to the hotel…

Saturday evening at conference is always the gala dinner – posh frocks and best suits in abundance, and for the last few years it’s always been one of my duties to say the Grace before the dinner. I usually try to make it a little bit topical or appropriate, rather than just the traditional and unimaginative “For what we are about to receive…??? – the Grace before the dinner at Brands Hatch was the only time I’ve ever got a laugh when leading prayer – and this time, I decided to do something relevant to the fact that we were in Wales. The options seemed to be to do Grace with a sheep under each arm, or to do it in Welsh: I found a website – it may have been www.PrayersTranslatedIntoWelshRUs.com, or I may be talking out of my års on that.

Anyway, thanks to whatever the website was called, and some pronunciation advice from Chris, I staggered through it. It was better received than the male voice choir anyway.

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