Everyone Knows it’s Windy

It was a bit windy, 20 years ago.

For anyone who’s missed all the news stories about the anniversary, twenty years ago a big storm swept across the South of England, causing huge amounts of damage: My chum Geoff was an electrician with the electricity board at the time, and got loads of overtime working on the teams who went round restoring supplies to people, which was useful – he’d not long been married and had two small children, and the extra cash was handy.

On the morning after the big wind, I had to get to London for a job interview, at no less a place than the BBC. It took me twice as long as I’d expected to get to the railway station because of all the roads that were closed by fallen trees – although it didn’t really matter as there were no trains running anyway. I had the genius idea of walking up to the coach station and getting a coach to London, and was amazed to discover that about fifty thousand other people had had the same idea. In the end I drove to Thiefrow and got the tube in from there.

I didn’t get the job, anyway.

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