Wot I Did on my Holiday

Yes, we’re back from the Cachepedition – and you’ve probably already guessed that we had a fabby time. We stayed at a rental holiday cottage right in the centre of Bowness-on-Windermere, the main village in the South of the Lake District, and it was probably the best-equipped place we’d ever seen – every time we opened a cupboard we found yet more stuff, although we DID leave it a bit better equipped than we found it – unless Rob or Sarah know something they’re not telling me, I left a DVD in the player. Still, the only real problem with the place was that my bedroom had the boiler in it, so it got a bit over-warm sometimes. But we wouldn’t let that stop us going there again.

We managed some walking and some good caching every day, but the highlight – for me at least – was Wednesday’s ascent of the Old Man of Coniston, where I found my 800th cache and Rob his 400th. The climb was tough enough to give a sense of achievement, and the weather clear enough that we had some decent views: We then had a nice high ridge walk with more views, followed by a descent and a walk down the valley bottom back to the car. Nice. We did a couple of other long walks, some gentle lowland stuff, and a day of drive-bys, the Lake District has EVERYTHING, no matter what sort of caching you like you’ll find something to suit you here. There was even one lame pointless micro, for people who like that sort of thing.

The Lakes have quite a few puzzle caches, and with Sarah being an ace puzzle-solving champion – or something like that – our confidence was high. We’d solved a few of the puzzles before we went, but two continued to defeat us – May the Lord be With You and May the Lord be With You To. The basic code breaking didn’t take us long – well, didn’t take Sarah long – but there was still something we’d missed. On the last morning we thought we’d had an inspiration, but although we saw some more nice locations, it was easy to tell we’d got it wrong. Still, they’ll still be there next year…

About three quarters of the way through day one, we established a tradition of stopping at a pub on the way back to the cottage, to celebrate another successful day, and more importantly to allow Sarah to relieve the pressure on her bladder (she’ll kill me for that!). We saw pubs that had live music, pubs that had expen$ive food and pubs that had excellent lakeside views, but our favourite – as in, we went there three times – was the John Peel, within two minutes walk of the cottage. We ate there on the first evening and decided to do so again on the last – initially we were all impressed with the food, but on the return visit Rob’s lamb shank was so tender it just fell off the bone – sadly, half of it had fallen off the bone before it got to the plate.

Evenings were mainly spent enjoying Rob’s cooking and planning the next day, but you can’t say we didn’t see the wild side – one evening we stayed up until gone ten o’clock watching a Wallis and Gromit DVD. Now THAT’s Music With Rocks In™. So we got to the end of the week and none of us wanted to go home, which I guess is the definition of a successful holiday :-) – we’re already planning the next one.

Pictures will follow soon in a proper gallery page, but in the meantime, those caches were:
Day One
Red Scree
Red Scree (Sc)ramble
Rose H Kershaw
Dora’s Field

Day Two
Sadmuppit’s Treasure Chest
Loughrigg Fell
Lunga number 3
The Magic Duck
Diana’s Looking Glass
Galava Fort

Day Three
Bass Rock
Thomas West Windermere on Water Station
Thomas West Rawlinson Nab Station
Gotcha Graythwaite
Beech Hill Wood Windermere on Water

Day Four
Coniston Old Man – the joint 800th / 400th
Dawn Recon 4
What’s for Pudding?

Day Five
Waiting for the Ferry
Councillor C B Ross
Thomas West Brant Fell Station
Lift Thine Eyes to the Hills
Elba Monument
The Scream Point
I’d Rather Heath
Millennium Hunt
Swift Visit

Day Six
Hawkshead Hunt
Aira Force
Memorial Seat

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