Home Again

Hi chums, I’m back!

I’ve been cachepeditioning with Rob and Sarah in the Lake District – we had a great time, found 32 caches, 3 trig points and one letterbox (we’ll tell you about that sometime). It deserves a better blog than I’ve got time to write just now, so here are some photos to keep you going:

Day One, the cachepedition team: From left, Sarah, Rob and me.

Expedition planning in the cottage – or “Six Quarry Brow???, as it’s rather unimaginatively known.

At the cache “Loughrigg Fell??? – it was a bit misty that day.

Rob once again committing culinary magic on behalf of us all.

As you can see, we ate well and we ate plenty. This is Wednesday’s evening meal.

Coniston Old Man, from our start point. It’s a long way up.
Pic © Rob Arnold

We made it – here’s Rob, at the trig point on Coniston Old Man. We’d just done simultaneous century caches – his 400th and my 800th.

This is the view from “Dawn Recon??? – that peak on the right of the picture is Coniston Old Man. The lake in the distance is, of course, Coniston.

Rob looking intrepid – this is very near the cache “Memory Seat”

At the last cache of the cachepedition, and by his time we’d acquired nicknames, which may or may not be explained later: from left, Shrimp, Plankton and Great Uncle Bulgaria

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