Alistair’s comment on yesterday’s offering can be summarised as “You can make all the laws you like, but enforcement of existing law is what’s needed”.

Yer man Ali is quite right, of course – my suggestion would be putting enforcement back in the hands of the people who stand to benefit: in the particular case I was thinking of, the neigbours who are inconvenienced by the selfish ostrichholes blocking the road outside Co-Op. In Southampton, parking enforcement is in the hands of something called the “City Patrol”, which is the new name for what used to be the council dog mess picker-uppers. Which means that in practice, no-one is enforcing parking or picking up dog mess.

Lorry makes a fair point too – about cyclists who ride on the road rather than using cycle lanes. Although back in my days as a cyclist – admittedly a few years back now – you HAD to ride on the road: if you used a cycle lane, you’d either smash into an illegally-parked car, get yelled at by a pedestrian who thinks the cycle lane is a pavement, or bash your brains out on a low overhanging branch because those same council geniusses who installed the cycle lane didn’t think they needed clearing. Or more likely, just didn’t think.

Yawn. Holiday starts tomorrow. I think I need it.

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