Money for Nothing

Today I renewed my car insurance. This evening I sat outside Tescos, playing the guitar and passing a hat around, until the manager came and chased me away. I suppose since my only previous experience of guitar playing was a few strums while lining up a sound desk, I was being a bit hopeful.

But it’s funny how we spend so much money on something we hope we’ll never use: Car insurance is a particular rip-off, we have to have it if we want to drive legally so the industry can charge us whatever it wants. In return we get rubbish service, and insurers wriggle out of paying up at the slightest provocation.

I have a lot of contact, in my working life, with our employer’s liability insurers, and I’m always amazed at how they work: Cases where I’d happily say “Yep, we did it, we’re going to lose, so save hassle and pay up”, they want to fight tooth and nail, thereby racking up the costs. In other cases, where it’s obvious to me that he claimant is “trying it on”, for want of a better term, the insurers try to persuade me to admit liability (on behalf of the company, not personal liability!).

Of course, what’s good about what I do for a living, is that when I sue the company over my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…I get to manage the company’s defence!

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