I did an experiment yesterday.

I normally catch the 18:05 train from London. This is supposed to get into Southampton at 19:18, but can be a couple of minutes either side, and that couple of minutes makes the difference between catching the bus or having to wait for the next one – and that makes 15 minutes difference to the time I get home.

I’n usually at Waterloo in time to catch the 17:48, which is a semi-fast and only gets into Southampton a minute or two before the express. But that ought to be enough to be sure of catching the earlier bus, so I’ve often wondered if it would be worth trying – only being put off by the thought that getting on the train only a minute or two before it leaves, I’d be unlikely to get a seat, whereas on the express I not only always get a seat, I usually always get my seat – I guess you have to be a regular train-riding commuter person to realise how important that can be!

Anyhoo, last night I tried the 17:48. I got a seat – although the seats aren’t as comfortable as on the express – and I caught the bus. So that was a success and I think I might do it again. I went back to the normal train tonight – there’s no bar on the slower trains :-)

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