That’s Over!

Today’s picture shows Grunty in the middle of flippin’ nowhere, as per usual :-)

We were working on the New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon – a 2 kilometer swim, a 90 k bike ride and a 20 k run. This picture’s near the 8 mile point on the run, and about a mile from the nearest tarmac: Not the most exciting off-roading – until I had to drive down the hill to the previous checkpoint: Steep, loose gravel, mud, the whole nine yards! The only thing that stopped me me was the bridge that didn’t look big enough for anything heavier than a backpacker and certainly wouldn’t take a Gruntmobile.

As I neared the point where I couldn’t drive any further, I met a school party doing Duke of Edinburgh award: As I drew level, I wound down the window and asked – as seriously as I could manage – “Scuse me – did any of you guys ring out for a pizza?”. Amazingly they took me seriously and told me they hadn’t. “Oh well, must be that marshal on the checkpoint up there then”

I think it’s bedtime. All this mischief wears you down, y’know.

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