What’s Going On?

Good question!

Regular readers, who are used to daily entries appearing here come rain or shine – even if they’re sometimes cheesy cheating pre-written ones – will be wondering if something has gone wrong at Gottleblog HQ. Well, not really is the answer – but last night we had a Raynet committee meeting (bet you can’t guess what that was about [well, partly anyway]) and I’m now trying to sort out the final details of tomorrow’s event. It’s the last one I’ll be planning as group controller though – for the next one I’m on holiday, and the next event after that is after the AGM so I’m not controller any more!

There’s also a lot of monkey flying around in the world of another voluntary organisation I’m involved in – I’m just keeping my head down on that one!

In other news – I went to the gym again this afternoon. 57 minutes into an hour’s workout…the fire alarm went off! Luckily they let us in again pretty quickly, but I’d lost enthusiasm for those last few minutes :-)

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