It’s a Sign

Southampton busses have a sign on the driver’s cab, just as you get aboard: It says
Our staff are here to help
Please show passes
purchase a valid ticket
or ask for fare information

I can see why they specify fare information – if it just said “Ask for information” some smartarse would get on and say “Please can you explain Fermat’s Last Theorem?”, and as we all know, there aren’t many bus drivers who could do that – generally it’s in the bus inspector’s course, and there’s never an inspector around when you need one.

What concerns me on that sign is the insistence on purchasing a valid ticket: what other sort of ticket is the driver likely to try to sell me? Of course it’s a bit academic – I’ve got a season ticket so he isn’t going to sell me anything, but you get the point.

Oh, and speaking of season tickets, I’ve reached another milestone in the world of the train-riding commuter person: Last Friday, my season ticket for the train had paid for itself, compared to the cost of a standard return every day. Until next April, all my train journeys are free :-)

A small triumph, but all mine own.

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