Long Day

That was a busy day and a bit.

Today was the New Forest Marathon, and we were providing the course communications. Last night m’chum John and I had to go down to New Milton and put up a Big Aerial, and we were much later finishing than we expected – hence no bloggery last night.

A substantial chunk of today was spent at the junction where the marathon route crosses the A35. The Police control the traffic, stopping the cars for the runners to go across, and letting it go again in the gaps between runners. Much honking of horns ensued – as if THAT would do any good – and there were a few unpleasant words directed at the nice Police Sergeant.

Still, the day went fairly well, no-one was injured – not by anything we were responsible for, anyway – and because the races started two hours earlier than normal, I was home just after five :-) .

And now it’s time to start planning next Sunday’s event. Looks like I’ll be missing the day out with caching chums :-(

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