So anyway – Sunday, as I’ve already said, was a grand day out with some caching chums: Rob and Sarah (Paws for Thought); Sarah (Esscafe); Denise and Tim (DTJM) and Iain and Jackie (Pink Boots and Co), with occasional company from Tim and June, not forgetting meeting Paul and Judith at the pub! Once the early mist burned off it was a fabby day, will eleven miles walked, seventeen caches found and untold quantities of sweets and biscuits consumed – not to mention a fair amount of alcohol at The Fox in North Waltham, and a lovely salad back at Rob’s afterwards.

Those caches were –
Wayfarer’s Walk: The Poppy Field
Wayfarer’s Walk: Cottington’s Hill
Wayfarer’s Walk: For Down
Wayfarer’s Walk: North Oakley
Wayfarer’s Walk: Freemantle Farm
Wayfarer’s Walk: Sunflower Delight (Note to Tim: The clue is in the title! They’re sunflowers, not daisies!)
Wayfarer’s Walk: Great Deane Wood
Wayfarer’s Walk: Little Deane Wood
Wayfarer’s Walk: Crossing the Line
Wayfarer’s Walk: Deane Church (Note to Rob: it is VERY NORTY to be sitting on the cache while Tim and June are looking for it. Hee hee!)
Wayfarer’s Walk: Cheesedown Farm
Wayfarer’s Walk: At the Crossroads
Wayfarer’s Walk: Bull’s Bushes
Wayfarer’s Walk: Noushie’s Tea Party
Wayfarer’s Walk: South Wood
Motorway Mayhem J7 M3

Monday required a horribly early get up, as I had to be in London half an hour earlier than usual – I’m on a course all this week, but I’ll tell you about that once it’s over! Monday evening featured a pub in London for It’s Payback Time, an event cache organised by the three UK cache reviewers, and visited by no less a personality than Jeremy Irish – the man who invented geocaching – and his family. He seemed a nice chap…

And today I’ve been to hospital to visit m’chum Brian, who’s suffering with a collapsed lung. He’s in good spirits though, and his stories are as dirty as ever :-)

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