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Following on from yesterday’s blog – on Wednesday evening I sent an e-mail to Chris, one of my New Wine chums. He’d asked for a copy of the team photo, so I sent him that and also a link to the Medical Team gallery.

This morning I had a reply from him –

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the pictures and links,. I have lived a sheltered life and never heard of geocaching so was fascinated to see it and follow some links



Mwa Harrrr Harrr…“Geocaching – taking over the world one person at a time!”

In other news – I went to the gym this afternoon! I haven’t been for flippin’ ages, so I was pleased with my hour of CV work. Then I went and sat in the steam room for a while, and then to sit in the clubroom and enjoy a cold drink or a coffee. The cold drink machine was broken and the coffee tasted like dung – so nothing’s changed while I’ve been missing!

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