Another Convert!

In the Health and Safety discussion forum I read, someone recently asked if there were any publicly available health and safety blogs: this prompted a discussion about whether a blog could serve a useful purpose correcting public misunderstandings of health and safety matters – like the PAT testing stuff I posted last week.

My contribution was that if a blog was only about health and safety, then only health and safety people would read it – precisely the kind of people who already know the stuff that such a blog would look to print. A better way would be for people who already have general personal blogs to occasionally post health and safety related items.

After I wrote last week’s piece on PAT, I posted a link in the health + safety forum as an example of what I’d meant.

I’m not sure how successful I’ve been at spreading the health and safety message, but I’ve had a comment from Heather (one of the main commenters in the original health and safety thread) saying that she learned a lot about geocaching. And I’ve had an e-mail from Hedley, who also came by that route – he’s going for his first cache soon!

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