According to a story on the BBC News website, the BBC have scrapped plans for an environment sepcial. The programme – which alleged comedian Ricky Gervais was apparently interested in presenting – was intended to encourage a mass “switch off” by viewers.

Well if Gervais was presenting, I’d have switched off, so it seems like a bit of a missed opportunity to me.

In other news…I’ve been naughty, and it’s all the fault of regular blog reader Nobby “the Nobster” Nobbs. He was encouraging me at the weekend to spend money on a gadget – specifically a sirf-3 enabled Bluetooth® GPS. Not only did he encourage me in person, he followed it up with an e-mail about Maplin having it on sepcial offer. Mind you, Rockin’ Rob didn’t help – when I told him about it and said it was tempting, he replied “That’s not tempting, that’s compulsory”.

If I said Maplin gave me 5% off because I bought the ex-display model, would that make it less naughty? It seems to work OK, anyway. And I’m now once again the man with five GeePeeEsses.

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