Regular readers will be aware of the Gruntmobile Track and Trace pages, which you an find by following the link over on the right labelled “My Bits and Bobs”. I wrote those pages a long time ago, with some help from my pizza-scoffing chum Lord Simon of G for the tricky bits.

Yesterday evening I decided that I wanted to add a bit: I’m going walking with some chums on Sunday, and I thought that would be an ideal opportunity to test the backpack version of the tracker gadget. It took me a while – I had to read through what’s already there to remind myself how it all works, but if you look at the Gruntmobile trace page now, you’ll see there’s a link to the WalkerStalker, a name originally coined by my chum Mark the Buddhist, which gives you an idea how long this little project’s been hanging around.

It remains to be seen how well it’ll work: I await Sunday evening with bated breath :-)

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