I’m a bit happier about things today.

Those of you who know me particularly well may have discerned from the weekend’s blogs that things were getting on top of me a bit: in the next six weeks I’m involved in organising five Raynet events, one of which is on a weekday so is unlikely to attract too many volunteers: The weekend’s efforts, plus a couple of phone calls I managed to make during the day today, got a lot of that sorted and my “OhMyGodIt’sAllGoingToGoHorriblyWrong” level is back somewhere near normal, which has to be good :-)

Not only that, but I managed a decent walk at lunchtime: to Mungo’s Sandwich Shop for a BLT, which I ate in the park, followed by a mile and a bit through some roads near the office which I’ve not explored before. I even found a shop selling rather nice good quality models, including some Dr. Who ones, which might sort out one Chrimmy present ;-)

Life is on the up. Now I just need some sleep.

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