Well, all being well Iím off on holiday tomorrow.

Of course Iíve not been organised enough to arrange any guest bloggers: The site Iím staying on had an internet cafť last year, and while I donít propose to spend my entire holiday on line, Iíll be calling in every so often to check my (non-work) email, so Iíll probably send a couple of blogs up the line as well. Iím going to a Christian event called New Wine, where there will be 11 000 or so Christians from all over the country, camping on the Bath and West showground Ė this is the ninth year Iíll have been, and Iím really looking forward to getting there.

I donít just go for holiday Ė all of the event staff are volunteers, and Iím going to be one of the first aiders on the medical team, looking after the delegates and dealing with the inevitably little things that go wrong. We work together as a team of first aiders, nurses, paramedics and doctors and itís a lovely group to work with. As Iíve mentioned in a previous blog, I really enjoy it but it isnít restful!

Donít miss me too much, folksÖ

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