That’s Better

After I blogged last night, I went for a ten minute lay-down and read of my book. I woke up at bedtime.

I must have needed it, because even after that it was a struggle to get up this morning. I HAD to go to church though, ‘cos it was the retirement celebration of our lady vicarette Maureen. After lunch I did a load of the Raynet work I should’ve done yesterday, while watching the Grand Prix, and then headed for my mate John’s house for a Raynet meeting to sort a few more things out.

Of course, if I actually passed by a cache on the way to John’s, it would’ve been rude not to do it, wouldn’t it? Lover’s Trough was only a short diversion, so it had to be done! Then we had our meeting and talked of all kinds of stuff, before Mrs John supplied us with a fabby roast meal, and Daughter of John supplied the dessert.

On the way home, I decided it was too nice an evening to waste, and there was another cache requiring my attention. I’ve been meaning to do Follow the Rules for a while – in fact it was my backup reserve cache the day I did my 700th. Today’s weather was a bit better than then, though, and it was a nice cache to do.

I feel a bit better about things today.

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