Rule of Nine

Bank Holiday? My ostrich!

I had a shedload of stuff I HAD to do today :-( . It started with a haircut, then there was caravan cleaning and a day of Raynet paperwork.

Well, I had the haircut. He’s put his prices up – NINE QUID!!! And then I did some hoovering in the caravan, and found some postcards I last saw in there three years ago! Perhaps I should hoover more often.

As for the paperwork – well it still needs doing. I found nine caches this afternoon! Someone has placed a series of ten around the New Forest – sadly number two has already been reported missing, but the others are still there: It’s the “It’s not about the numbers – New Forest tour” series:
Number One
Number Three
Number Five
Number Six
Number Four
Number Ten
Number Nine
Number Seven
Number Eight

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