Hooray, Hooray…

…I’m going on holli holli-day! And it’s going to be a proper one this time, without 7:00 AM get-ups and working like a hard-working thing until gone midnight every night! I LOVE doing New Wine, but I really need a rest.

Mind you, I’m not going on holiday yet – the Great Lake District Cachepedition is six weeks away, and between now and then I’ve got three Raynet events to do, another to help plan, and yet another to have input to (which will be happening while I’m away). But at least I can start the planning for it – in fact I did, this lunchtime.

The Ordnance Survey website is great, but for making sure you know which map you want you can’t beat actually looking at one in your hand. That’s why I found myself in Waterstones, over the road from the office, at lunchtime: This was a checking-expedition only – once I’m sure which maps I want I have a better (and legitimate) source that doesn’t involve paying retail price.

Which makes it all the more surprising that I left the shop fifteen squids lighter. Still, among my purchases there WAS a Terry Pratchett I haven’t read before, so that’s OK.

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